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R7 Hall

Renovation of the entrance hall of a residential building

The renovation project for this residential building entrance hall from the 70s had as its main goal the accessibilty improvement. The street where the building is placed is severy sloped and the centered door had a 25cm of height step which was an obstacle for people with reduced mobility, as well as for all who carried a baby or a shopping cart.
On of the restraints from the owners was to conservate the existing entrance door. With that constraint, the only solution for clearing the step went through creating a ramp which communicate street and the inner level without steps. A very wide ramp was our choice, as it was the best way to seamless integrate it in the space.
Taking advantage of the ramp operations, the whole hall was restyled. Aesthetically we chose to reinterpretate the original material palette. Marble, wood and dripped plastered walls will be enhanced in this new stage, generating a contemporary design inspired by its original elements.
At the same time, lighting is improved by making it more warm and uiniform across the space. A new courtesy area is generated arround the mail boxes area, consisting in a waiting bench and a small bar for correspondence quick review. Ultimately two marble planters are generated from the existing plinth line, improving the manteinance of the space while introducing vegetation in the hall.


Renovation of the entrance hall of a residential building


Poble Sec, Barcelona


March 2020

Construction Works

June 2020


David Benito, Laia Guardiola, Juana Garcia, Cristina Muñoz, Enric Chenoll


David Benito Cortázar


Nexprojects, Fusdecor, Bossvi, Estiluz

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