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Plató Restaurant

Interior design project for Plató Restaurant at Barcelona

Having a meal is a special moment, due to the company and the sensations that food gives us. This deserves an appropiate enviroment. We understand the restaurant as an scenary that can be adapted to each situation, and where the main character are the fellow guest. Restaurant becomes a kind of TV or photograph set, and each table is placed in the correct place to create a welcoming enviroment.

Dinning room is a polyvalent space that can be adapted to different situations. There is a non-ended platform where different tables can be placed freely. Some semitransparent mobile panels are the space configurators. The space can be very sergegated for intimate enviroment, or wide open for large events. The space will surprise you every visit.

In direct contact with street there is the bar space. The main element is a great central bar. It offers different ways to enjoy an informal meal, just standing on comfortably seated. It is a space in continous activity. A light wall variable in colour accompanies the bar and generates different colour scenes.


Interior design project for Plató Restaurant at Barcelona


Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, Barcelona


June to July 2007

Construction Works

August to Octuber 2007


Laia Guardiola Raventós
David Benito Cortázar


Robert Justamente

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