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2007 Habitacola Awards Exhibition

After years focusing on new housing typologies, Habitacola Awards changed their target to focus over public enviroment. In this edition, the briefing was the toilet in a urban space: WC City. After having lots of entries, FAD inaugurates an exhibition with the most interesting proposals received.

With the same idea than the competition briefing, we wanted to create an open and diaphanous space where to find small places appart where people can know exhibited proposals. The installation has the purpose to attain that each visitor can enjoy a quiet reflection moment in front of each one of the projects.

With a great isolated object in the center of the Convent dels Angels space, projects must be seen individually. The installation geometry creates a close enviroment for each exhibited element. The main point in the exhibition belongs to the two competion winners, where a bench allows them to be observed with calm.

Habitacola awards exhibition: WC-City.


Convent dels Angels (FAD). Barcelona.


Arquinfad. Foment de les Arts Decoratives.


March to April 2007

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