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A1921 Apartment

Interior renovation for a new apartment in Barcelona

In the A1921 apartment project the main challenge was to resolve the parament that separated the inner space from the flat-footed street.

The site had only the possibility of ventilation and lighting through the façade on the street, and it was also through this parament that access to space was to be resolved. In addition, the proposed solution was to guarantee a certain privacy for the future user of the housing. All of this had to be resolved without affecting the composition of architectural voids of the general façade of the building in which it was operated.

The proposal for façade closure was solved by a carpentry modulated to three heights where each of the generated stripes had a clear function: the lower stripe offered an opaque socket to separate us from the public space; the central stripe to allow for openings to be generated for the necessary ventilation of the inner rooms with cast openings that limited oblique viewing from the street; and the translucent upper stripe facilitates maximum light entry into the inner space.

With street-housing relationships already solved, the internal functional program is set up, which is highly conditioned by the existence of two structural bearings perpendicular to the façade. The largest of these is access to housing and the day zone with an open-ended kitchen. In the small bay the area is arranged at night with a small open distributor who gives access to the bath and housing bedroom from the day zone.

Between the bedroom and the living room, a window is available which sets a visual widening of the two spaces without compromising the privacy between them due to their disposition in contact with the facade.

Interior renovation for a new apartment in Barcelona


Nou Barris, Barcelona


May to June 2017

Construction Works

April to June 2018


Laia Guardiola, David Benito, Sara Ortega, Adrián Muñoz


David Benito

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