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JS51 Apartment

Integral renovation of a flat at Barcelona

When facing the refurbishment of a flat in a former official protection housing building dated on the 50s, we set our targets on achieve a bigger dimensions for the rooms at the night zone, and to work on the day zone as a unique space. We did this last one by visually unifying the kitchen and the living room, which were previously separated by a corridor.

We wanted natural lighting to be the main character of the spaces, while the house users enjoy the spectacular sights from the building. The day zone has access to the two facades of the building, allowing simultaneous sights to the sea and the mountain from the main space of the house, while an optimal ventilation of the space takes place too.

The interior spaces treatment follows a functional and modern style, combined with the use of 70s furniture that already had the owners of the flat.


Integral renovation of a flat at Barcelona


Sant Andreu, Barcelona.


June to August 2012

Construction Works

Setember to December 2012


Laia Guardiola Raventós
David Benito Cortázar

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