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MCC Apartment

Partial renovation of an apartment at Barcelona

Kitchen area of the apartment is adapted to include a wine cellar. The space is divided in two. The inner part is used to place the kitchen while the access area is used as a wine tasting area. Customizable shelved furniture and a table make up the area. Each shelve can be configured in different ways. They can remain empty, with a multiposition wine rack, or containing a glass cabinet.

In bathroom design we decided to give them totally different treatments. The invitees bathroom is configured in technological tones, in silver colours, while the main bathroom includes golden surfaces in order to achieve a warmer ambience.

Partial renovation of an apartment at Barcelona


Carrer Viladomat, Barcelona.

Phase 1

March to June 2010

Phase 2

April to July 2011


Laia Guardiola Raventós
David Benito Cortázar


David Benito

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