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Reforma interior de vivienda en Badalona. FFWD


FFWD was founded by Laia Guardiola Raventós and David Benito Cortázar.

They met toghether in 1999 at the ETSAB (Escola Tecnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona) and from 2002 they have worked toghether. Nowadays they lead an architects and interior designers team which carry all kind of projects related to space design.

FFWD has obteined several recognitions during its carreer such as awards and publications of its realized work.


FFWD understoods architecture and design as a discipline where lots of inputs must be regarded. The youth and energy of our team allow us to tackle all kind of types ans sizes of projects. A big commitment to the results make our proposals a balanced option between the latest trends and our clients needs. <p”>Each project starts from a detailed observation of clients needs and site attributes. It is after that first approach when we start the project developing. We run away from formalism as a project generator, as we believe that problem solving ideas and client needs must be the starting point for generating the project geometries.

Awards & Recognitions