At FFWD architecture studio, we are proud to present one of our most outstanding projects: the construction of a single-family house in Sant Boi de Llobregat. This project is an example of how we combine contemporary design, sustainability, and advanced technology to create unique and functional homes. Below, we explain the design and construction process, as well as the challenges and solutions adopted to achieve this result.

Design Process

1. Analysis of Client Needs: The first step in this project was to understand the needs and desires of the owners. We had several meetings to ensure that the house met all their expectations, both aesthetically and functionally.

2. Conceptual Design: Based on the conversations with the clients, we began to develop the conceptual design of the house. We focused on creating spacious and bright spaces, taking full advantage of natural light and the surrounding views.

3. Integration with the Environment: One of our main goals was to harmoniously integrate the house with the natural environment. To achieve this, we designed an envelope that allowed for optimal solar incidence in winter and adequate protection in summer.

Structure and Construction

1. Metal Structure: Opting for a metal pillar and beam structure was a key decision for this project. This structural system allows for faster execution compared to other systems like reinforced concrete, thus reducing the total construction time.

2. High Insulation Envelope: We placed special emphasis on the insulation of the building envelope to ensure high energy efficiency. This helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year while reducing energy consumption.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

1. Solar Utilization: The house is designed to efficiently utilize solar incidence during the winter, allowing natural light and heat to enter. In summer, overhangs and other architectural elements protect the interior from intense sun, preventing overheating.

2. Photovoltaic Solar Panels: We have installed a photovoltaic solar panel system that generates renewable energy for the house’s daily consumption. This system reduces dependence on conventional energy sources and minimizes environmental impact.

3. Aerothermal System: To ensure efficient climate control, the house is equipped with an aerothermal system. This system uses the energy of the outside air to provide heating, cooling, and hot water in an efficient and sustainable way.

Challenges and Solutions

1. Coordination of the Metal Structure: One of the main challenges was the precise coordination of the metal structure. We worked closely with specialized engineers to ensure that the entire assembly process was smooth and without setbacks.

2. Insulation Optimization: Ensuring optimal insulation required careful selection of materials and meticulous execution during construction. Our team constantly supervised each phase to ensure insulation standards were met.

3. Integration of Sustainable Systems: The integration of solar panels and the aerothermal system was another challenge that we successfully overcame thanks to collaboration with renewable energy experts. We ensured that all systems worked together to offer maximum energy performance.

Casa unifamiliar en Sant Boi de Llobregat

Casa unifamiliar en Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona


The single-family house project in Sant Boi de Llobregat is a perfect example of our studio’s commitment to innovative design, sustainability, and energy efficiency. Thanks to the use of a metal structure, high insulation, and the integration of sustainable energy systems, we have managed to create a home that is not only visually attractive but also functional and environmentally friendly.

If you are interested in learning more about this project or want information on how we can help you create your dream home, do not hesitate to contact us.

Here you can take a look at this single house project at Sant Boi de Llobregat.